“The script makes all the right moves…a family drama with a  whiff of ‘August: Osage County’.”

“Gasp inducing…hold your hat!”

“Ugly revelations fly out and sting like hornets in James Wesley’s carefully plotted and well paced Off-Broadway tragicomedy ‘Unbroken Circle’.”

“‘Unbroken Circle’…makes for some thought provoking, emotionally charged theater.”

“The play will leave you breathless…panting for more.”

“At times shocking and others thoroughly heartbreaking, James Wesley’s playwriting debut is indeed an effective one. The fictional family is one you won’t soon forget.”

“A beautiful and heartbreaking story…with laughter, and emotional, stirring moments… The theater world needs more stories like this one!”

“James Wesley’s ‘Unbroken Circle is a brilliant piece of work…You will leave the theater in awe of the story and in love with the characters!”

“‘Unbroken Circle’ has comedic lines galore so that when the lies are revealed, the horror is so much more deadly.”

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